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As part of the Eastern Cross Timbers, the land on which Wildwood sits was home to Native Americans over several thousand years. Sought after by Bandits in the 1800's for its imenitrable shelter, the thick growth formed an almost impenetrable barrier for early American explorers and travelers. Washington Irving, in 1835, described it as "like struggling through forests of cast iron." and thus it gained the nickname "The CastIron Forest".

The property called Wildwood was purchased in 2002 by Cullum & Susan Thompson as a weekend getaway for their family. As land grew to be a sanctuary for Cullum, and an important gathering place for the family; so when their neighbors discussed selling their property to developers, they realized that preserving the land surrounding wildwood was crucial to keeping Wildwood a place of tranquility.

As the years went on, they pieced together the surrounding acreage bit by bit into what is now known as Wildwood Ranch with the aim of preserving the historic lands in their natural state.